The competition

Welcome to submit your entries to the competition Aluminum 2021. In this way, we want to create interest in Aluminum and the opportunities that the material actually offers.

As you students, in the near future will work in industry both in Sweden and abroad, we believe that it is important that you already during your education receive information and knowledge about aluminum.

Svenskt Aluminum works to make both the material and the industry more visible to technicians, engineers, product developers, designers, architects and others. Svenskt Aluminum is an industry organization that works with information, education and also monitoring what is happening internationally.

Feel free to look further on our website and you will surely find more information. You are of course welcome with questions.

We are a small organization with a CEO, Lars-Inge Arvidsson, a technical manager, Hans Frisk and a design manager, signed Dag Holmgren. You will find our information under the tab ”contact”.

Your competition entry

Aluminum for sustainable development aimed at universities & colleges in Sweden. The theme of the competition is "recycling and the environment".

Fill in the name, contact information and school below. You then send the grant (drawing or pictures of a model) via email to together with a description of the grant and how the grant contributes to a better environment.

Physical objects should only be submitted at the request of the jury. For information contact Dag Holmgren.

Now we look forward to your contributions to the competition.


Dag Holmgren, Professor and Design Manager

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