A design competition for new products, aimed at two categories:

1) Students registered at educational establishments in Sweden.
2) Other interested parties.

The theme for the competition is ”Recycling and the environment”.

Svenskt Aluminum has now started a collaboration with the Material Library (Materialbiblioteket) at the Stockholm Fair. The prize will be awarded in connection with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2023.

The award ceremony is intended to take place in Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, in February 2023.

”Greenhouse was created with the aim of promoting growth in the design industry and highlighting tomorrow’s designers. By establishing a platform where new designers are given the opportunity to reach out with their products and visions, the ambition is to be an incubator for regrowth in the industry. Greenhouse key words: curiosity, innovation and sustainability are also the cornerstones of the area. Three important aspects of what tomorrow’s design should reflect in relation to a sustainable future. Something that Greenhouse values highly.”

Your competition entry

Submit your entries to the Aluminum 2023 competition, no later than 20221115. More information can be found in the documents linked below.

Fill in your name and contact information below. Then send the contribution, (drawing and/or pictures of model) via e-mail to:

together with a description of the grant, and how it contributes to a better environment. Physical objects should only be submitted at the request of the jury.

Svenskt Aluminum works to make the material and the industry more visible to students, technicians, engineers, product developers, designers, architects and others. We are about 50 member companies with a total of about 10,000 employees.

In this way, we want to create interest in Aluminum and the opportunities that the material actually offers, so now we look forward to your contributions to the competition.

Dag Holmgren, Professor and Design Manager