Work with 3D-iExtrusion® as Engineer & Project Leader at RELIEFED Technologies


We’re in the beginning of our journey to set a new global standard for 3D production viable for mass volumes. We are now looking for you to join a small, but growing, team with huge ambitions ready to scale our business by implementing our 3D technology at our customers on a global market.

  • You want to be part of a movement rather than employed by a company (in mind and heart)
  •  You use your ears and experience to decode customer needs and translate into new concepts using cad software and your sketching skills
  • You use your Project Management skills to succeed in customer projects as well as own development projects and you navigate well in the position of coordinating customer as well as supplier resources
  • You like the customer dialogue and being part of the sales process supporting with tech-skills and providing decision basis and calculations for business case, quotations, end customer values etc.

Some extra points if you get some extra ticks in the boxes contributing with;

  • Tool design competence
  • Production start of operation experience
  • Diversity
  • A positive working climate

Summarized; a multifaceted roll looking for a flexible, driven individual to join a journey that will change product development and the way of 3D production.

Seniority Level
Mid-Senior level
• Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

• Renewables & Environment

• Automotive
Employment Type
Job Functions
• Project Management

• Engineering

• Business Development

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About RELIEFED Technologies:
Reliefed Technologies and its founder has invented, developed and patented 3D-iExtrusion® -A technology that turn 2D-extrusion lines into 3D-extrusion lines,
making the first paradigm shift for extrusion industry and their customers. With paying OEM´s and suppliers in automotive and construction and 20 million delivered
units. RELIEFED now expand organisation and take on new customers, products and applications, with backing from Swedish Energy Agency and investors.
About 3D-iExtrusion®:
Typical 3D-iExtrusion® speed is 0,5-1 million times faster than 3D-printing in metal -without material waste or investments, making 3D-mass production posible.
Cleantech: weight, material and cost savings has resulted in several national and international cleantech awards.
RELIEFED technologies is a small high-tech company with the business idea of licensing 3D-iExtrusion®.
3D-iExtrusion® tools fit standard extrusion lines – making all extrusion lines compatible and suitable for 3D-iExtrusion® resulting in high scalability at minimum investment.”